Staffing Augmentation

Need help finding quality IT candidates?

SAXON Infotech specializes in bringing top tier candidates to the table. We tailor our searches and draw on our applicants to help you find the right candidate, with the specific skillset as desired. SAXON Infotech has acknowledged several gaps within the employment industry and has developed a process to bring quality candidates, many of who are excelling at their current positions.
We at SAXON, employ a “PLUS 1” hiring approach that helps each candidate understand growth metrics from a skills-basis on a professional scale and reducing candidate risk of onboarding and familiarity within new environment.
Because SAXON Infotech also has IT outsourcing capabilities, we use our technical staff to pre-screen candidates and ensure that every candidate matches the required positional skills.

Time is a valuable asset. Let us do the screening and allow you to spend your time towards more productively in completing your business objectives.
Our Staffing Augmentation Hiring Process Checklist:

  • Industrial Skill Assessment
  • E-Verify
  • Drug and criminal background check
  • Job Placement Orientation
  • Evaluation and support