Strategic Consulting and Augmentation

Saxon’s true potential lies in seizing opportunities to get you to the next level by clarifying your goals and  recognizing blind spots. Our professional expertise in services and support achieve growth for the long term with a smooth operation. Saxon provides enterprises with the flexibility to work within a just-in-time model for their technical requirements and for their internal and external projects, by providing the best-quality talent at the most competitive rates on a contractual basis.

We collaborate with our client companies to meet their complex IT recruiting challenges, and determine from our extensive database, the right talent for a client’s corporate environment. From temporary to permanent, to project-based engagements, our IT domain experts provide you with the right solution for your resource requirements.

Our objective is to help companies reduce costs without sacrificing quality. This is accomplished by providing well-trained and experienced specialists – who meet and often exceed customer expectations. With our vast resources we can help clients meet all of their IT requirements, be it an individual or an entire team. Our goal is to provide companies the IT talent and solutions they need so that they can focus on their core competencies.